Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Glenn Miller - When You Wish Upon A Star

Over Heard Conversation...

Time:-  11amish

Place:-  S.V.P. Charity Shop

Between:-  Two of the ladies working there.

It went like this...

 Lady A :- 'Oh, look at this plate, it's beautiful'

Lady B :- 'Oh yes, lovely'

Lady A :- 'I love Plates, I mean really love them.  As far back to when I was a young girl, I loved them.
                 Just Plates, I don't know what it is about them?  I just love them...always have'

Lady B :- 'lovely'

Lady A :- 'Well anyway this plate is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous now'

Lady As gaze at this point is in Remembrance, a moment with silence, a moment with the love felt.  Also a silent salute and acknowledgement to the Plate, of which I share Lady As passion.

Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford

Monday, June 7, 2010

Metche Dershe (Mulatu Astatqe)

I thought it would be sunny today...

I woke up this morning fully expecting yesterday's rain to have blown away.  Instead it was a close Grey day with with a soft and steady pour.  I went for a drive to visit a friend at the foot of a mountain.  On the way there whilst listening to the bittersweet sounds of Billy Holiday, I noticed a paddock filled with Buttercups.  The luminous buttery field against the cold Grey blanket warmed the very Cockles of my heart.